Instagram for the Photographer

Photography is a beautiful thing. You’re able to capture that perfect moment and show people the world through your eyes. Being a professional freelance photographer is not easy. Some have to take jobs on the sides just to keep up with daily needs. Some probably think if they could just get the exposure their work deserves then they can jump start their career. Instagram is a great tool for photographers who want to expose their work not just locally but globally. The main thing you need is followers. Below we will show you how you can use Instagram to expose your work to the world, including potential employers and buyers.

Use it as a Portfolio

Every artist needs a portfolio to show their work, so that potential employers or buyers can see what you are capable of. Like any portfolio you need to use your best work, so that you will attract not just any follower but followers that appreciate the art of photography. With follows and likes that receive employers and galleries can see how much your worked is like. This also may open up an opportunity for you to collaborate with other photographers and artist found on Instagram; which you could possibly gain their followers also.

Sale your Art

Instagram is a great way to sell your work locally and globally. You can use Instagram as your personal art gallery. Just post your artwork and in the comment write the name, any description you feel that is important, then the price. Even if you usually post your art in the local cafes, you can still post them on Instagram and post the address of the café that is holding it. If people like your work or have bought it, they will follow you to see when your next art piece will go on sale.

Sell Your Services

People always want to keep capture beautiful moments such as weddings, first birthdays, sweet sixteen, and graduations. Take photos for family and friends for occasions as such as these and use them as examples for what you can do for potential clients. Future brides and mothers swarm social media to get ideas of what they want their photos to look like. Imagine their delight if they find your services online. They will surely follow you; especially you did a great job with their own event. They will tell their friends and their friends will sure to follow you also.

Buy Instagram Followers

To jumpstart your numbers you should buy Instagram followers. You will gain more exposure and credibility. Buying Instagram followers may seem odd but it works. If you buy Instagram followers from the right company you will not have to worry about how much more of your time you have to spend in finding followers. Instagram is one of the best apps a photographer can have to gain exposure. Continue to find creative ways to gain followers, and Instagram can help you gain the recognition in the art world that you deserve.